WTF is #craption?

#craptionthegame is a unique card game because it uses social media users to generate its content. In other words, YOU create the game by posting YOUR funny pics onto social media and tagging @craptionthegame.


So WTF is #craptionthegame?

Urban Dictionary defines craption as, “A newspaper heading that grabs attention to a worthless article”.

But who even reads newspapers anymore? Unless, of course, it’s for a crossword or sudoku puzzle. For this reason we are changing this old school definition to be up with the times.

#craptionthegame chooses to define craption as, “A witty caption added to a ridiculous pic on a social media platform that is so hilarious friends start snorting with laughter”.

Your job is to create the wittiest caption for every user generated picture in the deck and get your friends laughing so hard they choose your #craption.

To learn more about the game, read #craption rules and #craption examples.

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