#craption examples

Still don’t get it? For caption inspiration, please follow these extremely popular IG personalities and prepare to laugh so hard you pee yourself: @thefatjewish @betches @fuckjerry @girlwithnojob @boywithnojob.

See some #craption cards and example #craptions that were created during our first pilot game below:


“Morning breath is a bitch…literally”

“Ahhsevenahhh #lionking”

“I can definitely fit that bone-r in my mouth”




81. craption_front_template


“Define: Ridin’ dirty”

“Who said prom had to be fancy?”

“I will show you the world….”




5. craption_front_template


“College was a rough 10 years”

“Trick or treat? Please pick treat.”

“Beetlejuice’s cousin, Bobojuice”




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