#craption rules

To be the player that earns the most points by creating the best captions suited for each pic (aka picture…duh).

What’s included? 93 #craption cards and #craption paper. What’s needed? 1 pen per player. 1 scorekeeper (hint: make sure this person can add 1+1).


Set a predetermined number of rounds of play (about 2-6). Game starts with the person closest to an April 20th bday.


Player 1 picks a #craption card and places it pic side up for everyone to see.  Each player writes a funny caption to match the pic and hands their piece of paper to player 1.


Player 1 reads all of  the captions out loud. Starting left of player 1, each player votes for their favorite response. Start with the next person and repeat.


Each player gets 1 point every time their caption gets voted for as the best response.


Once the final round is completed. Scorekeeper tallies up the points and the player with most… WINS!!


YES players can choose a different pic. from the stack. YES players (aka conceited friends) can vote for themselves but it’s not worth a point. YES players reference google if they need help jogging their memory for a caption. NO players can not write more than one caption.



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